For the top Nigerian music star, Davido, the visit of American police to his US home early in March was not the first time, and not anything new to Nigerians abroad. But this time, they had entered, suspecting he must be a scammer or drug dealer to be able to afford such an edifice. But he simply showed them his over 100.000 views of his musical video worldwide on youtube and they left. So one of Africa’s best could have been arrested or placed under investigation. Let the world know that lived and Schooled in the Us and comes from a wealthy background before carving a niche for himself as our  a music star, now making his own money. Also let it be known that Nigerian Superstars can measure up to their counterparts anywhere in the world. No thanks to the looters, scammers and drug dealers who have dented our image abroad, who make people think every Nigerian is a suspect.


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