After some years of research, the Federal Road Safety Commission has come up with the modification of the process of obtaining a fresh Driver’s Licence with the introduction of the DSSP Portal (Driving School Standardization Programme). The process, which starts from the driving school level, provides a data base for only Driving Schools accredited by the FRSC in each state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, into which the details of the applicant are progressively filled until he completes the 26 modules of courses offered by the driving school.

After completing the 26 modules of training sessions in 30 days or within 90 days, the Driving School Certificate will be automatically generated by the computerized system. The certificate of completion from the Driving School can be verified with a unique code generated from the DSSP web application by all the parties involved in the process; the VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officer) for testing,  the BRI (Board of Internal Revenue) for payment and the Drivers Licence Centre of the FRSC for Capturing of his Biometrics

With this process the FRSC is ensuring that a fresh applicant cannot obtain the Driving School Certificate without being properly trained in an accredited Driving School. The FRSC will also be able to keep track of the Driving Schools and the products churned out by them. With this development, any driver still found to be driving with a licence not found in the records of the FRSC has no choice but to attend a proper Driving School. Also, it is sure that the problem of touts and application by proxy, have been finally solved. This should be another boost for accident prevention as only trained drivers will be allowed to ply our roads

In another development, the FRSC has appealed to owners of processed driver’s licences nationwide to go and collect them at the centres where their biometrics were captured. It will be recalled that the Corp Marshall of the FRSC, Mr Boboye Oyeyemi, set up a task force last year for a massive sensitization and public enlightenment campaign to facilitate the collection process which resulted in the reduction of the backlog. However, Lagos, which accounts for the largest number still has about 30.000 unclaimed licenses, some of which might have expired. But the Head of the Dtiver’s Licence Centre, Mr Olawale Kareem says that shoud not be a problem as they can be renewed, since the applicants have their temporary cards.      DCM CHARLES THEOPHILUS


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