. Energy psychology is a drugless healing method which takes care of both physical and emotional issues and traumas. The process works at all levels of the human energy system. The professional practitioners come under the international association called Association of Certified Energy Practitioners {ACEP}, who had their 18th Energy Psycology Conference recently in California, USA. ACEP has members from 50 countries of the world. “The theme of the conference is “Changing the World through Personal Healing And Transformation” which it hopes will impact directly on the worldTHERAPY SESSION 1

Q : How will you describe the level of awareness about energy healing in Nigeria and Africa?            A : It is low in Nigeria. I have been active in promoting this awareness since 2005 with seminars, distributing flyers and using the print and the electronic media, including one on one discussions. I don’t shy away from letting people know that we have the tools in our hands that can be used in transforming individuals, the society and the world. So i believe with time, the awareness can grow. We have registered the Energy therapy institute in Nigeria that will form the backbone of joining people and reaching out to organizations and corporate outfits to help in training their employees to gain from this transformation.

We are writing to the government, organizations to be aware that this process exists, to help in resolutions in individuals. We should be able to bring this healing to all the nooks and crannies of the country. We are thinking about Africa. When the awareness is high in Nigeria, it will spread to other African countries. Some of my colleagues from the US are active in other African countries teaching them the basis of energy psychology. Energy therapy, what we call the tapping process, derived from emotional therapy. In places like Rwanda, they are using the process to heal from their Genocide experiences and they are making documentaries and writing books about them and that is impressive. And because they are funded by organizations and rich individuals in the US. If am am funded by the Nigerian government and individuals, I will also use the process to reach out to people like Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs} who are traumatized, and reach out to women who have had sexual abuses and communities who had been traumatized by natural disasters, victims of road crashes, people whose that require this kind of help. They may not have the resources for one on one consultation, but if we are funded, we can give massive support this category of people as some of my colleagues are doing in other parts of Africa. Any time there is a disaster, my association rises up to support the people. But there is a limit to which areas they can cover. But they have not come here because we still have to generate the awareness

Q : Don’t you think people in government and the politicians need energy healing?

A : Definitely, everybody needs energy therapy and psychology because it gets to the root of our being and what gives us the kind of image we have as individuals and the health we have and enjoy.

Energy psychology deals with issues such as childhood traumas. People get up in the morning and certain things happen and do not know why, but energy healing supports them through what I call diagnosis in therapy. We find out that some of the causes could be childhood trauma or experiences when growing up. There are quite a number of testimonies that I have through medical experiences in this period. From my 10 years of experience in this field, I make bold to say everybody needs energy therapy. From the leaders, politicians, executives to the wives, children, parents and even pregnant women. We have had cases of traumatized pregnant women who were not able to deliver until they had therapy sessions. Energy therapy helps the woman relax, get out the stress and build energy that she needs to deliver. There are many benefits of Energy therapy for everybody


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