Nigeria’s foremost Energy Healer, Chief Dr Iwowarri Berian James has pioneered a drugless healing method called the ‘Golden Rays Integrated Energy Therapy (GIET). The EFT and Quantum-Touch Certified practitioner in Nigeria, has over the years, organized seminars and workshops, appeared on various radio and television programmes and granted interviews to draw attention to Energy Therapy with testimonies given by Nigerians. I.B James, who also recently received the ‘Nigerian Humanitarian Icon Award’, offers help from the Energy Therapy perspective on why Genetically modified food GMO is not good for you. .                                                                                                                                                                               I was asked why genetically modified food is not good for us. This is supposed to be a question asked by a student of energy therapy at a presentation I made recently. Well, I had taught that every natural food emits a certain frequency which is what the body takes and actually recognizes as food. The body does not know rice, beans yam, fruits, or any of these physical items we load into our stomach. The body recognizes the various levels of frequencies emitted by these food elements and works with them. This is because all the traces of minerals, vitamins and proteins exist in our body as frequencies and when they are low in measure, the body requires us to top them up just like we add liquid fuel into the fuel tank to be converted into heat through combustion to fire the car. The frequencies are known by the body as energy signatures. Every food element has its own signature unique to it. So when you introduce a different energy signature that had come through the food being genetically modified, you are creating a disorientation in the memory bank that holds these energy signatures. This will create confusion, mismatch and distortion. Certain precursors to physical and mental ailments. So you end up with more challenges than you set to solve with the modified food. The art of modification alters the natural energy signature of the so called food. I do hope that the food scientists will take this up and anchore their research on better food and feeding responsibility on this premise so that we reduce sickness and not create more health challenges through genetically modified food.

Chief Dr I. B. James
NO 6 James Robertson Street, Off Akerele Road, Surulere, Lagos. You can access the place from Ogunlana By Akerele Roads, or via Alhaji Masha By Onilegogoro (Surulere Local Govt Headquarters) Lagos, Nigeria                                                                                                                         Phone numbers and email address (08037227334, 08027759665, ibjames56@yahoo.com).

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  1. Dear All, This is to wish you happy Sallah and hope that you are all doing great.
    I am offering discounted service to the members of this Community in my work which involves resolving emotional traumas of all kinds, taking away anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, panic attack, culture shocks, anger & rage tendencies, worries, guilt, bad emotions and negative feelings that come from work, from relationships, domestic affairs, travels, relocation challenges, missing home, integration challenges. Issues of loneliness, rejected, abused, abandoned, and more. Issues of physical health that have roots at emotional level respond to my Energy Therapy works as well. I hope that you will invite yourself and others to take advantage of this opportunity soon. Thanks again and many blessings. …Chief Dr Iwowarri Berian James, Chief Consultant at Emotional Trauma Resolution Clinic, Lagos.

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