Engineer Martin Onovo (MNSE), FInstTA, is an oil and gas Engineering Consultant and an Energy Expert. An alumnus of the University of Houston, Texas, USA. He has worked in the global oil industry for over 25 years, traversing many continents and the Niger Delta region, from where he holds many traditional titles.

Engr. Martin Onovo is the President of The Strategic Union of Professionals for the Advancement of Nigeria (SUPA), a group of professionals from all disciplines, who, with in-depth research and highly informed opinions have developed solutions to many national challenges. Engr. Martin Onovo is also a chieftain of the ‘Movement for Fundamental Change’ (MFC) which is committed to the restoration of the ‘Rule of law’ and our constitutional values.

At the 2015 elections, he was the Presidential Candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP) which was founded by Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN, SAM, LLD. The party recorded the best outing in its history at the 2015elections by making more in-roads into a wider geographical spread of Nigeria.

Like the late Chief Gani, Engr. Martin Onovo is articulate and dynamic with a high level of integrity, in the class of world leaders re-shaping the globe. In the past twelve years, he has consistently worked very hard in proffering solutions to many ills plaguing Nigeria and engaged in well informed and constructive criticisms of government policies or lack of them, just like the late Chief Gani was doing. He is fearless and so passionate about the discussion of issues concerning the state of the nation just like Chief Gani Fawehinmi. These probably explain why he could emerge as the 2015 Presidential Flag-bearer of the National Conscience Party [NCP] founded by the Great Gani. He is widely acclaimed as the new Chief Gani Fawehinmi.

It will be recalled that despite the unlawful treatment meted out to the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi by successive military regimes, a former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida identified him as the one he respects the most for his consistency, selflessness and courage. Also, Former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in one of his books acknowledged Gani as one who believed and consistently fought for what is right.

Global Harmony Magazine wishes the National Conscience Party and Engr. Martin Onovo well as they continue to uphold the great patriotic legacies of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN, SAM, LLD.

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