According `to Neurographia Dictionary of Handwriting Psychology (2016 Edition), Graphology or graphoanalysis denotes: “Scientific study and analysis of handwriting specimens as a medium for ascertaining human personality traits.” This Specialist psycho-linguistic  discipline (graphology) is not new in developed nations of the world.  Graphology or (Graphoanalysis) is relatively four decades old in Nigeria.  In over three decades of my graphological practice in Nigeria, I have discovered untold gruesome personality types of a great many Nigerian Political leaders. This truthful remark is derived from handwriting analyses of autographs, signatures or scripts of many a Nigerian Political leader culled from Nigerian national dailies as sources of references.

Research findings have shown that handwriting analyses of a great many Nigerian Political leaders – of past and present are quite shamefully pathetic.  They reflect to a large extent high level of mental depravity and moral bankruptcy.  The cause of the fateful handwriting features of many a Nigerian Political leader lies on an “Unhealthy Cerebral disconnect” which has given birth to several other human vices such as corruption, greed, dishonesty, shamelessness, narrow-mindedness and so on and so forth. The unhealthy cerebral disconnect as a rooted evil of extraordinary psychological disorder is brought about by over-cultivated intellect and stunted intuitive volition.

Unhealthy cerebral disconnect in the handwriting features of many  Nigerian Political leaders as expressed in their autographs, signatures or scripts,  manifest shorter upper-zone letter strokes and longer lower-zone letter  strokes, inscribed in irregularly constantly changing sizes and pressures of letters, words or line strokes; wavy baseline strokes, odd or crowded spacing, among other miserably undesirable  handwriting features.

The unhealthy cerebral disconnect has given birth to several other negative human personality traits, namely – dishonest or deceitful behavioural patterns which are commonly observed in the autographs, signatures or scripts of many  Nigerian Political leaders, inscribed on paper with the following features: Irregular lines, wavy baseline strokes, unsteady pressure and small or big letters that are constantly changing in size; awkwardly inscribed left-hand slant writing, and confusingly changeful handwriting pressures  and sizes of letters or words, among others.

Nigeria remains what it is today due to the errors of omissions or commissions by the many past and present Nigerian leaders and followers.

A nation that had once fought a civil war, Nigeria has had a colonial mentality experience, Continually depends on oil for so long despite efforts to diversify its economy, Involved in annulment of a free and fair election, Military coups, agitative militancy, Pipeline vandalism, Military incursions into politics, Civil unrest, Boko Haram insurgency, electoral malpractices, politically motivated murders or assassinations among others.

Without doubt, the above stated gruesome scenarios have their roots in an unhealthy cerebral disconnect –  breeding brain cripples as seen in many a Nigerian Political leader. An important step out of our conundrums and doldrums in Nigeria is for an average Nigerian Political leader to change genuinely, his perceptions and mentality for good, in order to think rightly in a far-reaching manner – noble thoughts of selfless and up-building nature.  That is the foundation for growing a better and new Nigeria of our lofty dreams.

There is optimism to a reasonable extent in the present Nigerian political leadership equation if given appropriate support by Nigerians – there is bound to be opportunities that will later on bring about some realistic measure of encouraging developments in governance and politics.

We must develop all of our human and material resources optimaly through co-operative efforts of all, as well as making appropriate choices in appointing or electing men of honour and dignity as leaders in positions of leadership and governance in Nigeria.

Ben Ezeohagwu, a Faculty member; Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Management; and Professor of Graphoanalysis, Edexcel University, Ifangni, Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin.+2348173175540, +2348060662183, +22964994906                                                                                     E-mail:  benezeohagwu@yahoo.com




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