The wretched among us:

Rapists, terrorists and suicide bombers.

Deny and enslave the powerless,

Their freedom, voices and progress,

Through threats, bombings and killings.

The wretched among us:

Oppressors, tyrants and Junta.

Abuse and frustrate decent folks,

Their dignity, sanity and Justice,

Through violence, policies, Lawlessness.

The wretched among us:

Baboons, Hyenas and  cabals.

Crumble and impoverish the nation,

Of her resources, culture and economy,

Through greed, sabotage and selfishness.

The wretched among us:

Assassins, ritualists and saboteurs.

Endanger and deprive the society,

Of its peace, joy and health,

Through killings, deaths and recessions.

The wretched among us:

Officers, heads and miscreants.

Endorse and celebrate  corruption, crime and impunity,

In public and private.

Through violence, shamelessness and  lawlessness.

The wretched among us:

Appointees, Pharaohs and godfathers.

Create and dispense slaves,  asylums and exiles,

for the masses and elites,

Through guns, orders and  prisons.

The wretched among us:

Steal ballot papers, boxes and rig elections,

Attain power and  positions with bullets, loots and boots,

By massacre, genocide and coups.

Errors, terrors and horrors.

The Wretched among us:

Are cancerous, hoodlums, cultists.

Cause havocs and confusions,

Engage in kidnappings and treasons,

Through abductions, deformations and assassinations.

Ben Ezeohagwu, an Onigraffiks laureate and a distinguished visiting Professor in the Faculty of Humanities, British American University, Ghana, West Africa. +2348173175540, +2348060662183, +22964994906

e-mail:  benezeohagwu@yahoo.com



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