Unresolved Traumas  could mature to become Post Traumatic Stress Disorders PTSD, which is costing advanced countries huge amounts of money to treat.

Let us start the true Emotional Healing for Nigerians who have been passing through various kinds of traumas in all these past years. Unresolved Emotional Trauma makes one walking dead.

The list is endless –
various killings in various parts of the country since 1960s
Inter- ethnic fights that led to destruction of properties and lives
Military and police expeditions (peace keeping operations) in foreign lands by our men and women
Religious uprising that led to loss of lives in various communities
The Nigerian civil war and its deaths and deprivations
The Boko haram insurgencies with abductions, property destruction and loss of lives.
Militancy and Agitation induced loss of lives and properties
Kidnappings, Armed Robberies and Ritual killings
Various building collapses
Road traffic and Water-bound accidents
Fire incidents in houses, offices ad market places
Loss of Jobs and job opportunities
Family challenges resulting from all of the above

Research says that 85% of our physical ailments have their roots at our emotional status.
Just as our under-performance can be traced to our emotional state.
No country grows beyond the emotional capability and competence of her citizens.
We must give attention to our emotional health as a people.

Energy Therapy / Energy Psychology now in Nigeria, provides a veritable platform for engaging the emotional challenges that have resulted and are still resulting from the above listed sources.

Chief Dr. Iwowarri Berian James, Chief Consultant at Emotional Trauma Resolution Clinic. N0 6 James Robertson Street, Off Akerele Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

+2348037227334, +2348027759665,

email ibjames56@yahoo.com).

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