THE SOUND OF SILENCE – A Poem by Prof Ben Ezeohagwu

The Sound of Silence,

Gripping, engaging, sustaining,

Poetical, musical, novelty,

In its diversely existing,

Permeating Symphonic tones.


The Sound of Silence,

Pulsating, weaving, dispensing,

Moving, working, transforming,

In its Powerfully performing

Pervading harmonic notes.


The Sound of Silence,

Awesome, gladsome, wholesome,

Engendering, manifesting, penetrating,

In it’s wonderfully demanding ,

Exhibiting dynamic beats


The Sound of Silence,

Tremendous, enveloping, definite,

Tending, tripping, rising,

In its dispersely uniting,

Discerning metaphoric feats.


The Sound of Silence,

Gathering, gracious, distinct,

Resonant, cordial, balanced,

In its concordantly varied

Guiding ordered regularity.


The Sound of Silence,

Immense, luminous, purposeful,

Activating, evolving, purifying,

In its reproacal redeeming,

Modifying perfected incorruptibility.


The Sound of Silence,

Sowing, gemmating, growing,

Maturing, revealing, decaying,

In incorruptible modalities,

Of its adamantine effects.


The sound of silence

Unending, all-embracing, convincing,

Ennobling, mitigating, fostering,

In strict activities,

Of its immutable laws.


The Sound of Silence

Critical, inspiring, upbuilding,

Simple, comprehensive, perfection,

In its incisive constant,

Fulfilling furthering laws.


The Sound of Silence,

Wonderful, joyful, delightful,

Indicative, imperative, superlative

In its authoritative stance,

Strengthening influencing laws.

Ben Ezeohagwu, an Onigraffiks Prize Laureate; Faculty member and Professor in the Faculty of Humanities, British American University,Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Tel.: 08173175540, 08060662183, E-mail:

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