There is no greater gift from the Creative Will, to the human community on earth, than the human entity known and called… Woman! Unfortunately, the reality and truth of this incontestable fact has not yet been properly recognized by mankind! The foundation for the conception that people have had of the woman…can be traced to, and located in, the biblical “Garden of Eden” account, that identified and acknowledged Adam and Eve…as the prime progenitors of the human race, on the earth-plane!

It takes requisite spiritual knowledge and insightful discernment, to know that the aforementioned account was a very useful and instructive allegory…which served to offer mankind in the interim a fitting picture, as it were, of the starting-point-of-life, on the earth-plane. Evidently, the allegorical account came through a high knowing-guidance; in the inspiration that fashioned and proffered the “story”…as the beginning of life on earth for the entire human race! It will be grossly uncharitable to set about examining and appraising the story from the earthly viewpoint of logic and practicability. For example, the seeming “afterthought” on the part of the Creator that saw the need for a woman to fill the “gap” of a companion-helpmate, for Adam… and the remedying “surgery” that brought forth the woman from the “ribs” of lonely Adam, having been given a strong “anaesthesia” that saw him go into a deep slumber!

A perfect GOD… is the Creator of All the Worlds and is never capable of an “afterthought”! From the beginning, He sees and knows the end! The awesomely stupendous reality of the coming-into-being of Creation and the human creatures with it, can only be captured first, in an allegorical form, such as we have had in the Genesis account! Because… it was only in that peculiar form that humans can at least form an instructive picture for themselves about the evolution of the human race given their level of inner maturity and receptivity then; as they were still in their (spiritual) infancy! Giving potatoes and steak to a day-old baby will instantly kill that baby, because its metabolic system is not yet ready to engage and deal with that form of nutrition! When spiritual happenings and recognitions are to be given from on-high, to developing-mankind…they are wisely measured out content-wise and duly timed! To do otherwise will be counterproductive! Such was the case with the Adam and Eve story! A very beautiful and exciting story in itself.

The phenomenon of the evolution of the Woman in Creation with all the spiritual antecedents that are connected with this, will remain an enigma before mankind…unless a ray-of-light out of spiritual knowledge is beamed on it, from Above-down!

Ask most people, who a woman is… and the response would most likely be framed around her biology; her role as a wife-mother; and a desirable companion that is “nice” to have around etc! The spiritual duty and role of womanhood in the human community on earth, is generally not known! The women themselves are largely unaware and ignorant of this duty and role! A reprehensible deficit indeed, that has taken a heavy toll on the general spiritual welfare of mankind on earth!

On the mental-intellectual plane, the woman of today shares intellectual parity with the menfolk! There is no sphere of earthly achievement that the women have not proved their mettle! They are neurosurgeons, astronauts, nuclear scientists etc; and they have glowingly made their mark! They have also proved their business acumen and also achieved outstanding success in governance and in public life! The question now is – are these areas of activity ordained by the Creative Will for womanhood? The answer is No…!

Today, the outcry from women-advocacy groups is increasing in volume regarding women-empowerment globally! From time to time, there are protest marches on the streets of major cities in different countries. The sing-song all the time being-more opportunities for women in government institutions; business; measures against gender violence, rape etc.

As the long snaking-marches, pass through the streets and walkways, and at times in inclement weather…and the benevolent “Eye” of the awesome Creator of the Woman now catches these protest-marches from His Divine Observatory… what He sees is a most confounding paradoxical spectacle…! He would wonder, as to who disempowered the Woman (in the first place); on whom He had showered gems, in priceless gifts and endowments, which will unavoidably make her… the real POWER, that drives and directs the entire mankind towards edifying and noble goals! To all the other “eyes” looking down from the heavens…they long and pray to see the inner awakening of the Woman commence; and a firm holding of the reins of her sacred role, as mediator of stabilizing influences on all human creatures!

…The WOMAN… in truth, is that blessed female human-figure, who stands consciously and knowingly, in recognition of her actual spiritual antecedents; and the duties and responsibilities that concomitantly devolve on her from the Creative Will….and which is not transferable and must never be weakened by herself or undermined through influences from without!

The Woman must now courageously move forward-in-knowledge audaciously and away from the “Adam and Eve” mould, which for millennia has conditioned the human mind-set about the woman, but which must now be laid aside (without any derogation) for the Divine Revelation about Womanhood; which is to support and move all worthy human creatures, into the New Age…which is around the corner!

Before giving a cue regarding the actual (spiritual) antecedents of the Woman…it would be appropriate and relevant to recall here, an experience (published in a book) that an American group; led by a woman, had some years ago with a people known as the Hunzas…whose community is tucked within the Himalayas! A small human community they were; and governed by the monarchy-system! One beautiful and momentous morning, the leader (a woman) of the group looked out of the window of her guest room, overlooking the garden of the king’s palace and saw a stately regal figure- the Queen, coming out of the Palace towards her garden, to look after her flower-filled garden! The America lady saw… the even carriage, the rhythmic grace…the steady gait, that attended her walking and movement, and was so enthralled that she burst into tears and exclaimed to herself…Ah and this is a woman…!

The first logical inference from this related experience is that the American lady saw, perceived and by her emotional reaction acknowledged what was supposedly “missing” in her own person, as a woman…but which first imposes distance… which the Queen of the Hunza kingdom exemplified as an intrinsic and natural phenomenon of her womanly being. A wave of power… the compelling Power of The Woman, which elicits deference and commands respect, touched her. It would be wrong and uncharitable however, to assume that the American lady had any less or none at all, of what made all the difference with the Queen of the Hunzas! With the Queen, it certainly had to do with people remaining very natural and pure regarding their core values, lifestyle, culture, distance-from-materialism and communal goals! These unavoidably have had a formative and ideals-moulding effect, on the Hunza-citizenry …a reflection that was projected through their Queen, to the appreciative American visitor!

… “Grace makes…The Woman!” This declaration says it all, regarding the priceless gems and endowments that the female creature bears within her inner being, as special dispensations of the Creative Will! If there is an issue that should constitute a prayer-point for all mankind, it is for the advent of renewed and spiritually awakened womanhood! Let the “re-born” (not as defined in religion) Woman step forth into the human community on earth today…and you have a New Humanity on earth! This is because this spiritually re-awakened Woman…will be a woman re-connected with the purifying streams-of-light from the glorious heavenly heights, from which she had unwittingly disconnected in the name of modernity, earthly expediency and materialism! A woman that treasures her innate values and jealously guards them, will experience a strong and firm connection with the aforementioned streams-of-light! She will experience heavenly-harmony within her being…which will necessarily condition Grace…in her movements, such as was evinced and exemplified by the Queen of the Hunza People!

A timely revelation must now be made here…and it is the fact that contrary to the “Adam and Eve” allegory, that the woman (Eve) was severed from the ribs of the man (Adam); a severance indeed took place, but it was NOT physically; and therefore not on the earth-plane! It took place in the spiritual realm…in paradise which is the actual spiritual origin of all human creatures! From a spiritual “WHOLE” as it were,… a splitting, a severance into male and female sexes indeed took place! The male inclined towards active/positive mode of working and the female correspondingly inclined towards passive/negative mode of working. These predispositions and inclinations they carried down into the lower-lying material worlds, which were to serve them as stages for maturing development. The planet earth is the outermost of the material planes of Creation and the heaviest; and it is on the earth-plane that human creatures are to subsist and see to their development and ultimate maturing! The details of the coming-into-being of Creation and Man, is phenomenally extensive, which the constraint of space will not permit for more expatiation here!

The Woman…the female sex, as that human creature opting for passive activity…in Creation, consequently retained more of heavenly endowments than the male sex, the attendant power of which endowments, made her to be more loosely constituted (less solidified) than her male counterpart! The male sex must necessarily develop big biceps and sturdy muscles, to deal with the hard physical realities of earthly life! The home is the functional Base of the Woman, which home the Creative Will had ordained must become a Sanctuary…through her weavings! Men can never develop the artistry of homemaking that matches that of the woman. It is simply not their sphere of activity! The spiritual fall of man and the consequent advent of materialism has literally  thrown the woman out of the home, her sanctuary, in search of material survival! Consequently, womanhood have had to be traumatized, brutalized, cheated, taken-advantage-of, and unavoidably assaulted! For the woman, the earth today represents a thick jungle, where fairness and justice are farfetched. And this is why placard –carrying women now spill onto the streets, demanding attention to be paid to their rights, peculiar needs and for them to be protected against gender violence, rape and kindred crimes!

The bottom-line is…we human creatures have to pay for the crime of disdaining Nature; and caring less about the immutable and adamantine Laws of Creation;compliance with which is the only way to a harmonious home… a harmonious world…and that Peace which the world cannot give!

If the Woman (not a woman)…suddenly enters a room where men are cracking their usual rough jokes… they simply stop on sighting her! Why? A wave-of-restraining power naturally attends the standing and being of the Woman of Grace…! Her mere presence was ordained by the Creative Will to have a purifying and subtly sanitizing effect on her immediate environment. This is The Woman… that the human community on earth is urgently in need of…to have a purifying and morally sanitizing effect on the beguiled human community on earth today!

The path that the modern woman of today has to tread, in order to become… The Woman, whom Grace and Honour will adorn glowingly; is unavoidably a lonely road…! It must be a lonely road because she will have to this mostly unpopular road; first, to seek for liberating spiritual knowledge; secondly to personally discover the true nature of her inner being, in the context of her peculiar spiritual antecedents; and to now engender the strength-of-conviction to audaciously sustain her resolve to walk…only on this road! This road… leads to the “presence” of her Creator, who had granted all…that will condition and make her The Woman!

It is pertinent to mention in conclusion that for The Woman…to gloriously evolve out of a woman; and for her to sustainably remain this spiritually enviable figure, a major pitfall on her path would be the baneful allurings of Vanity! This peculiar human vice has somehow been proverbially associated more with womanhood for decades! Vanity is a noxious outgrowth of human retrogression and decadence, and is insidious in its creeping into the human psyche! Two potent and effective weapons that The Woman has, to insulate herself from the dubious and spiritually misleading offerings of this human vice are… the innate Sense of Beauty; and the Sense of Shame! The sense of beauty when functional, aids the instant identification of true values behind deceptive facades; and the sense of shame protects human honour and dignity; it will always prove to be an infallible yardstick of a human being’s inner worth. These two spiritual endowments must be functional in The Woman and must come to the fore in all situations, circumstances and challenges of her life during her temporary sojourn on this earth!

A woman is markedly different from The Woman. The former sees and knows herself as a biological entity; the latter has laboriously discovered herself as a spiritual being with attendant duties and responsibilities to mankind. Of her…it will be said… “A virtuous woman who can find, for she is more precious than jewels!”

Sola Faboya, a social commentator lives in Lagos

solafaboya@gmail.com/+2348033969872 (sms only)

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