Nigeria’s gift to the world of reggae music Ukeleke Onwubiya, otherwise known as Ras Kimono has passed on. The Rub a dub master, who was to travel to the U.S. had complained of feeling unwell and was rushed to the hospital in Ikeja on Sunday morning, from where he was transffered to another hospital on Lagos Island, where he gave up the ghost in the afternoon.

According to a family source and a close associate who broke the news to Global Harmony, Ras had shown no sign of illness but noticed that he snored heavily while sleeping. A suggestion that the icon,who neither drank nor smoked, could have been overweight. Among friends and fellow musicians who joined him in hospital are Tony Okoroji,  a former president of PMAN, who recently named Kimono as a top official of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and Orits Wiliki. As the body was taken to the mortuary, both promised to ensure that he gets a beffiting burial.

Ras Kimono’s former wife, Sybill called from the U.S. to confirm the news while his daughter Senami, a graduate, was also in a state of shock. His current lover, Efe, was reported to have fainted and had to be revived twice. At the time of writing this story, calls are still coming in from all over the world expressing shock at the demise of the artiste who has a current song tittled ‘Blessed Africa’. A meeting is being planned by family members about plans for the burial.

Ras Kimono will be remembered for recording Hit-songs that reflected on the suffering of the masses and admonitions such as ‘What’s Gwan?, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Gimme Lickle Sugar’, ‘Mr President’ among others.

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