Sexual Rape… as a negative human act, is a brazen frontal-assault, against the person and being, of a female human-creature on earth! It is most repulsive and indeed, a noxious outgrowth and blossom, of a depraved and morally bankrupt humanity! Incidentally, animals do not rape, the fact that they are a much lower creature-species; and despite the fact that they do not have what humans have – in the free will, especially its restraining aspect! That being the case, they are still not given to the kind of reckless licentiousness that drives and fires a rapist!

It is interesting to observe, as an aside, that at a higher step in the animal world, there are some animals and birds, that have life-long mates. They are for each other and also very protective of their mate, in seeming fidelity! It is a glaring tragedy that generally speaking, humans have not experienced and derived from their unions and marriages, the edifying spiritual-consolidation, which is supposed to be one of the positive features, of a meaningful marriage. They have children to show though, just like the animal-species!

One of the most disgusting and repulsive fruits of human debauchery that human-deviants, could force down-the-throat of the Woman is… the act of sexual rape! Beside the gory scene of a murder… the scenario of a rape, comes next in its repulsiveness. It is a mix of something close to running amuck… as an assailant grips and violently knocks down the victim; tears through the garments; stifles her cries physically; inflicts wounds to subdue… before having its way!

It is not only the victim of a rape that bears the psychological truauma; the parents,  spouse/partner, friends and associates, do bear the pain and trauma as well. The well-meaning and morally sensitive members of the society, also cannot be left out in all of this, as  any known incidence of a rape is indeed a sad commentary on the moral climate of that human community.

After the unfortunate incident of a rape, the victim is alone… and on her own! How she is able to come-to-terms with the odious bruising-experience, is another matter! She has been assaulted, bruised, subdued and have had sour fruits of human degeneracy… forced down-her-throat, without being able to refuse or object!

No woman, (except psycho-deviants), wants to be raped. No parent, husband, brother, friend and sibling, would contemplate any of their female loved ones, being raped! It is only the person that has been subjected to the sordid indignity of rape… that knows how it feels! If it were possible mentally, virtually all victims would want to wipe-off, from their memory, all traces of the harrowing experience!

It does great credit to all the men and woman of good conscience, who have risen up, in concrete terms, to this moral menace in human society. Advocacy groups have risen up all over the world, to raise a loud and resonant voice against sexual assault and rape! Government agencies have also been set up in some countries, to frontally engage this vice, with appropriate sanctions. The efforts are quite noticeable in recent years and yielding results!

Let it be known, that whoever (as a male) is unable to have a very firm grip and control, over the sexual instinct, woven by Nature into his physical body, is a potential rapist! On the other hand, a female (girl or woman) who is not physically, mentally and spiritually alert to her, immediate world-of-thoughts, is also a potential victim! These incontestable truths, now lead us to ask – what are those predisposing factors that make for the noxious incidence of sexual rape? This is the fundamental question to address… and most objectively too! In all modesty, the relevant knowledge and recognitions in this regard, are outside the intellectual and academic terrain of psychologists, as earnest as they could be, in gaining insight into this obviously aberrant human behaviour and predisposition!

As much as one may want to outrightly point to uncontrolled and untamed sexual instinct among human beings, as a foremost predisposing factor behind the raping act… to do this may be wrong; and would amount to employing a narrow perspective, over this important matter! It is a purely spiritual (not religious) perspective that is needed here! And this is the solemn truth!

Let it be known that the spiritual condition, moral standing and general orientation of… Womanhood on the earth-plane, for millennia, is the foremost predisposing factor in this matter! When the Woman… reached out mindlessly for the vanity-conditioning baits proffered to her by Lucifer (the fallen archangel) it was a most fatal blow that hit the entire mankind. This is because, it is the Woman, who is to serve (as ordained by the Creative Will) as the vital-link, with the enlivening currents of spiritual power that exist supportively, for human subsistence; and maturing experience on earth! Motherhood and marriage, are not the primary goals for Womanhood!

Yes, she could be married and have offsprings; but these can be considered and seen as…. earthly asides! Sadly, womanhood failed in her primary mission and goal, as ordained for her by the Creative Will; and rather pursued the path of vanity and earthly distractions, leading nowhere! Consequently, her inner spiritual garment, out of which is to radiate Honour and distancing Dignity was soiled, and torn apart. When this is the case… anything, indeed anything, can happen to her! There have been reported cases of scenarios of potential rape incident, where the rapist and the potential victim, stood eyeball-to-eyeball, for some seconds… only for the intending rapist to simply turn round and walk away! This is certainly not a common occurrence but it has happened. And what indeed happened was that the spiritually distancing (radiating) strength of the spiritual-aura of the inwardly honourable woman, could not be breached, by the intending assailant! And that was it. Period!

A woman, who is truly pure within and is spiritually (not religiously) connected-in-recognition, with the power-waves which the Creative Will had ordained should attend her standing, in the human community on earth, CANNOT be raped! Many things… would incisively and decisively intervene, to the advantage and safety of that woman!

Uncontrolled sexual instinct that has developed to a state of morbidity is another prime factor, behind the act of sexual rape. Today, the instinct has turned out to be manifesting like a ravaging epidemic; and it affects both sexes. Only it is more overt in the male sex, than the female! Let the enabling opportunity for once be offered… an orgy, would be what you see! And one fundamental thing that uncontrolled sexual instinct confirms, is the lack of such (restraining) spiritual-development, as is driven by the knowledge of, and adaptation to, the Laws of the Creative Will! Standing consciously and gratefully, in the knowledge of the laws of the Creative Will and living by it, one is enabled to successfully resist being driven by sexual lust… even when the opportunity is alluringly offered!

The biblical story of Joseph and the enticing Pontipha’s wife in ancient Egypt, confirms this point! If Joseph, had lustfully succumbed to the seductive moves of Pontipha’s wife… the history and fate of the Israelites, who were then in serfdom in Egypt, would have been different, with concomitant effects on the spiritual history of entire mankind. It would have in a way affected the timing of the earthly incarnation of Jesus!

A human creature who cannot control the sexual instinct, obviously needs healing, as such would be a potential rapist! The sexual instinct, which was providentially woven by Nature into the physical body of man for positive purposes, has been almost irreversibly poisoned through human waywardness. It is a classic case of misdirected and misappropriated energy, with no other consequence, but harm and possible destruction.

In the attempt to rape, victims have had to be killed; bodies mutilated or deformed through inflicted injury; haunting psychological trauma afflicted; and the psychic sore, which these female victims would bear for a very long time, in their future lives on earth!

It is therefore desirable that parents, guardians and the state, should see to the development and healthy growth of adolescents, so that they do not begin to spiritually hemorrhage, before reaching adulthood! Parents should through their own good and exemplary lives, guide male-youths and maidens, to remain unsullied!

At the phase of adolescence, Nature had proffered to the young human creature, All… that will make for a firm and stable spiritual foothold! Parents and guardians should be well informed spiritually (not religiously) to synergize with the male-youth and the maiden; and afford them an enabling earthly-setting, which will prevent them from spiritual hemorrhage, through the misdirection of The Sexual Power… which rises from within their physical frame at adolescence! It is pertinent to reveal at this point that there are four major phases of human development on earth, with corresponding-temperaments, which incisively and decisively support those major phases. The phase of childhood with its sanguine (carefree) temperament; adolescence with its melancholic (idealistic) temperament; adulthood with its choleric (focused strength) temperament; and old age with its phlegmatic (reflective) temperament!

When we have healthy and purity-striving male-youths and unsullied maidens in the human community on earth, then we would have thus procured an insidiously-working antidote, to incidences of rape and the concomitant wound it inflicts on the souls of hapless girls and women! With healthy and purity-striving adolescents, comes self-control and a budding sense of responsibility, whereby it then becomes an innate culture and predisposition for young adolescents to weigh and discerningly reflect, before they act or commit themselves! This is the only way forward… towards the moral and spiritual renewal of the lust-ridden human community, that presently exists on earth!

In very specific terms, and as aforementioned, the spiritual (not religious) renewal of Womanhood cannot be over-emphasized. Most things – such as practices, trends, beliefs and questionable conventions, which duly corrupt the souls of human creatures on earth, would stop… once the Woman stands aright! Practices that breed the insidiously burrowing germs of moral corruption would no longer be welcome and find soil, in a renewed human-community of a New Age, that is poised for and striving after, purity-of-thought and high ideals! For example – mixed bathing (with the woman in flesh-exposing bikini) and men in boxers on the beach and swimming pools pornography; prostitution; indecent fashion trends, would be seen as morally corroding, using a new perspective, … a perspective informed by spiritual (not religious) knowledge, with which to look holistically at life… as it should be …. and as it must be!

In the honest and objective attempt to gain deeper insight into the dehumanizing vice that rape is, a very critical factor which indeed has been unknown to mankind is… the unseen world of thought-forms! The reason being that the eye-opening spiritual knowledge, in whose wake this recognition must come, has been utterly lacking on earth!

Human thoughts do have forms … when we give rise to them through the thinking – process! They take-on-form in a much finer material plane than the dense material substance of the earth. Our physical eyes cannot ordinarily see them… but they formidably exist in reality and they do have incisive retroactive effect and influence, on life on earth, in the human community! Whether we are aware of it or not, we live and exist in our world-of-thoughts! Good and noble thinking give rise to forms that have similar content! Evil and ignoble thoughts in their various shades, do take-on-form as well, with corresponding content. Incidentally, these different thought-forms are inextricably connected and firmly too, with their authors… as if by threads!

There is indeed… a world on a finer material plane, where thought-forms of rape, incest and moral debauchery, do congregate in accordance with the Law of Attraction of Similar/Homogenous species and forms! Human creatures, in any corner of the earth, that are given to these peculiar vices, are inextricably connected with these world-of-thoughts, with retroactive influence on those so connected! Unfortunately and sadly too, the radiation-emanations from these worlds of thought-forms also affect, and could insidiously influence, human creatures who do not functionally carry those specific vices within as such! We all live under this unhealthy conditions and anyone who is not firmly connected with spiritual virtues and the corresponding world of thought-forms, can suddenly come under the barrage and piercing onslaught of intensified thought-forms that are negative; and such could be driven to perpetrate the crudest acts! The picture being painted here, is not figment of imagination… but of life… in our time!

There is specifically a world-of-thoughts, constituted and populated as it were, by thought-forms of rape! They constitute a definite danger at all times to those who are weak in moral and spiritual discipline. When from time to time, they give-in to immoral thoughts, whereby such people can mentally strip a woman naked… such are the type that can be seized and driven to commit the act of rape, because of sudden retroactive intensification from the world of thought-forms that impact on them.

A golden advice and admonition, has aptly been proffered from a source Divine; which says… “keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, thereby you bring peace and be happy!” Adhering in childlike simplicity to this admonition, will gradually extinguish the scalding fire of rape, from the face of this morally beleaguered earth-plane!

Sola Faboya, a social commentator lives in Lagos

solafaboya@gmail.com/+2348033969872 (sms only)

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