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Whichever talent the youths have in sports should be merged with good education so they can empower themselves for the future beyond sports.

Speaking on a radio programme, ‘Sports Zone’ on ‘Lagos Talks’ 91.3Fm, on the 8th of September, former Captain of Nigeria’s National Football team, the Super Eagles explained further “You cannot be a good sportsman without basic education as it helps your brain. If you are a superstar, you can’t speak and write well and represent yourself, you will reduce and cheapen your brand at the expense of what you can attain.”

“That is why I am establishing a sports academy. It is not just about football, but a proper school. There will be additional specific leadership training and psychology.” This, he said, was informed by his experience from playing at the grassroots level, secondary school, the academy, being the captain of the national team for 8 years and his career in football, which was consistent.

“African players build themselves differently. When we add our God-given talent to the mindset and training of the Europeans, I think we can surpass them. It is a mental thing. Wayne Rooney came to Everton at the age of 16 and I saw the way he was built.

Though, he may still go into coaching, Yobo stresses that he is setting up the Joseph Yobo Foundation, this year in Lagos so as to develop the young ones not only in football but other sports as he was also good in other sports which we have to tap into as we are so blessed with lot of talents in Nigeria. Saying that, when he got to Europe, he was put in an academy, where he was schooling and training.

Joseph Yobo has had an academy for about 8 years, this time he wants to have a bigger one, complete with structures, pitches, hostel accommodation and educational department.


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