One of the most sordid and odiously repulsive accounts in human (though biblical) history, is the account of Sodom and Gomorrah! These were human communities on this earth, that collectively degraded themselves to a level below that of the animal, through uncontrolled libido and unbelievable licentiousness! Out of the name of one of that waywardly libidinous human communities was coined the noxious word… Sodomy!

It was also recorded in history, that such was the extremely offensive human spectacle, which they presented before…. the Heavens, that what they deserved-in-judgment, was for the consuming and cleansing element of fire and burning-sulphur, to efface them from the surface of the earth…for good!

The fashioning of the human physical body was the exclusive preserve of Nature…and because it had behind it, a providential wisdom, such natural and functional instincts were woven into the human body – serving man on earth as a material cloak – that will condition the sustenance of life! The instinct to eat; the instinct to sleep; the instinct to eliminate waste; and the sexual instinct, were all natural instincts that have been woven into the physical body of man on earth! And they are all subject to limits and control! The sexual instinct cannot be an exemption!

Unfortunately, the sexual instinct in its expression… and for millennia, has not come under a firm control by human creatures (as it should be) principally because the inner (spiritual) discipline and hold, which can make for this, has been glaringly lacking among men! The recorded happenings in ancient Sodom and Gomorrah; and the moral realities of the modern world, bear eloquent testimony to this! The acutely bizarre dimension that events reached in those ancient human communities, was even the fouling incidence of anal copulation between the same sex, in sodomy and lesbianism! No animal has ever been caught engaging in the disgusting same-sex act, which patently brings human creatures that are given to this degenerate act, below the level of the animal, which is a much lower species in Creation!

As earlier indicated, the inner moral-hold; the mental and spiritual discipline which can put the human creature in a convenient position to firmly have the sexual instinct under control, can derive only from the knowledge of the outworkings of Nature in this connection! A sacred obligation devolves on the human creature, to seek for knowledge about the things that he sees, observes and wants to touch! Otherwise, and without intending it, he could bring himself and others to much harm! Uranium, as a radioactive element, was not intended by Nature (and the Creative Will) to be appropriated and deployed to make nuclear weapons! Anticipation of war among human creatures and power-seeking conflicts, did not and will never come into the creative-reckonings, the outworkings of Nature; and the Creative Will! Wars, conflicts and moral debauchery, are all results of a human race that is ignorant and bereft of eye-opening spiritual knowledge; and lacks the humility to accept that it does not truly know! Modern man glories in science and technology, but the antecedental causative knowledge… behind science, is not yet within his reach! He does not want to accept this!

The first step in bringing the sexual instinct under man’s (spiritual) control, is to know the lawfulness (from Nature) that forms the framework, within which, the peculiar instinct was ordained to be expressed and manifest! In accordance with the inexorable law of Nature, and arising from the providential outworkings of the Creative Will, the sexual instinct (in the material-physical context) has two principal purposes! The first, is to facilitate and make possible, the incidence of propagation on earth. From the human creature, as a crowning species of Creation, it will be possible thereby to open-the-earth, as it were, to the seamless entrance of other human spirits, who were permitted to proceed downwards from Paradise, in the direction of the material worlds, for the sole purpose of spiritual development and ultimate inner maturing! This is the ONLY purpose of the existence of a human creature on earth! Importantly, man is to thus experience communal-life on earth and derive edifying reciprocal benefits, from interacting with other human creatures!

Secondly, the sexual instinct makes possible, through the act of sexual intercourse, the mutual exchange of finest material-physical vibrations and fluids, which renew and tone the cells of the body, imbuing them with vibrant energy, from time to time. The attendant morality, discipline and purity-of-intention, on the part of copulating couples and partners, is an entirely different matter, which is distinctly separate from the physiology and chemistry of the act! Also, the attendant sensuous “enjoyment” during the act of sexual intercourse, stands on its own.

With the foregoing clarifying explanations; and if mankind had stood in recognition of this lawfulness, how could a Sodom and Gomorrah ever arise? Moreso, when man has this liberating and eye-opening knowledge at the back of his mind! The fundamental issue here is for the human creature to strive for, such functional knowledge as it pertains to all things and outworkings in Creation. When a human creature has inwardly aligned and reconciled himself to this knowledge, restraining control would be possible; limits will be known; wilful abuse would be non-existent! In one-sidedly aggravating the sexual instinct, man has forcibly allowed to happen, what will never happen and has never happened to the lower animals! Animals don’t commit rape; animals don’t prostitute; and they don’t sodomise as humans (the supposed crown of the work of Creation) have done!

It would be appropriate at this point, that, having revealed the primary purposes of the sexual instinct considered from the grossly physical point of view, to now put this in higher context, of the peculiar outworkings of Nature!

What principally comes out of the sexual instinct in prime essential terms is…SEXUAL POWER! The man-woman sexual (copulation) intercourse is completely OUT of this concept! This concept is largely unknown to mankind! It CANNOT be found or explained in the medical (academic) discipline of Human physiology! It is a simple, but clarifying knowledge, that pointedly belongs to the new era… the New Age, as ordained by the Creative Will! Sexual Power is the finest, heating energy-waves, that can ever be generated from the physical – material body of the human being incarnated on earth! And it is penetratingly incisive in its driving effect on the human creature, whose inner animating core is…. a spirit-spark! There is a difficulty here! The current conception in the minds of human beings on earth about the word – sex/sexual, is grossly distorted because of lack of spiritual knowledge; and most importantly, because of the noxious incidence and reality of sexual LUST… an odious crippling vice, that has literally enslaved and poisoned the minds and psyche of many human creatures on earth, for millennia. For many of the male sex, it is difficult not to look appraisingly, at a woman on the streets today, given the way the woman generally present herself, in terms of dressing, demeanour, carriage and comportment!

Sexual Power…gets generated and becomes incisively conditioned in the physical body of the maturing human creature, at adolescence, when he is now fully conscious of his free-will; and the moral obligation to take-on responsibility, for all his actions. In the Orient, it is known and referred to, as the Kundalini Power – which is supposed to rise, in healthy circumstances, from the base of the spinal column upwards, towards the brain! It is the exceedingly fine vibrations of this commanding and incisive Power, that enables the human creature to appropriate-in-dominion, all matter and give-it-form, with all the crafting-ingenuity, that can ever arise from his being; and the peculiar talents, gifts and endowments that his Lord and GOD have granted him, in sacred benevolence! Sexual Power, in essential terms, has a prime spiritual focus; it is clearly beyond man/woman sexual intercourse. The God-willed earthly dominion of the human creature over the earth and All matter, has its root here!

Sexual Power (essentially material – physical) in fine power-waves, connects with the spirit-spark in man at adolescence, in a functional union/synergy and, as it were, firmly and solidly grounds the spirit (which is supernally above all that is material) on the earth-plane! It is essentially a peculiar species of Power that is superior (given its edifying potency) to any nuclear power on the earth-plane! But it has been sinfully directed to wrong ends; appropriated for wrong purposes; and currently serving ignoble, impure and sinful motives! This is a grave and indeed the worst, human tragedy ever… as it holds the spirituality-in-man, restrictively captive! A curious and sad story!

Whenever the so-called fall-of-man is mentioned and discussed in religious circles for millennia, the female sex (the woman) is singled out reproachingly, for mention, as a key accessory for what befell mankind – through the well calculated schemes and dubious machinations of Lucifer… the fallen archangel! It was the ingenious scheme of Lucifer to bring-the-woman-down… baiting and offering her, vain and lifeless values, in exchange for those prime virtues, which the Woman bears within her being prenatally. In naïve credulity…she succumbed and consequently got the entire humanity lethally poisoned spiritually! And how?

Today, in the modern world, the pervasive and corrupting incidences of…indecent exposure of the woman’s body; pornography; coquetry, on the part of the woman; homosexualism and lesbianism; rape and prostitution… are all consequences of man’s lack of a firm moral-spiritual grip on the Sexual Power, which Nature, in the perfect outworkings of the Creative Will, had woven and conditioned into man’s physical body for positive and edifying purposes!

It needs to be pointed out however, that the already corrupted concept of sex (as is commonly perceived and understood) and the consequent mental conditioning arising therefrom, would make it quite difficult for the average modern man on earth today, to break free from the mental casing of this misunderstood and distorted concept; to now see… Sexual Power, in the context of the glorious and perfect outworkings of the Creative Will!

The moral (and spiritual) climate on earth today is frighteningly sordid, as we see promising male-youths and hapless maidens, getting caught in the suffocating web of… strength-depleting pornography and sexual debauchery; unwholesome music, whose beat and rhythm, prompts a “letting-go” (in dancing to it); a reckless unbuckling of the belt of moral discipline and restraint; coquetry, when women intentionally dress-to-attract…and invariably into the waiting hands of the morbidly libidinous male; female and male prostitution – that may irreparably devalue and eventually destroy human honour and dignity; unwholesome literature – that does not build up inner values and consolidate the potential to strive for values that are not ephemeral and fleeting!

With all the foregoing picture, what is very clear about the spiritual-moral standing of the average human creature on earth today, in connection with the subject of our contemplation, is that… he is a poisoned creature, for reason of the sexual instinct in him, having been turned in a diametrically opposite direction, to the direction ordained for it – by the Creative Will! It is a very difficult state of being, which is frightening to spiritually-discerning eyes! It is inexplicable to contemplate a situation and circumstance, whereby… what is to lead a creature towards spiritual freedom, now holds him captive with a vice-grip! Sexual Power from the material-physical end, is to be used in the direction of attainment of spiritual freedom and upbuilding on the earth-plane! It now holds man captive, because the right conception of its essential nature, is deeply buried under the pile and rubbles of man’s spiritual decline and sexual ignobilities! This being the case… that the human creature can degenerate below the animal level, is clearly a foregone conclusion, with man having been securely caught by the lures of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, which has taken-on-form, on earth today!

What will be of concern to the few human creatures, who do not wish to experience the kind of consuming and cleansing fire that wiped off the Sodom and Gomorrah of old, in just judgment, is to ask… what is the way out of this dehumanizing self-enslavement, through uncontrolled sexual instinct? So long as the human creature is not able to extricate his soul and spirit from this enslavement, so long will True Humanity… in real terms, remain out of reach of the human community on the earth-plane. Despite the pervading presence of religions all over the world, the world has not known peace! And why? It is because of wrongly applied Power. Those who oversee and man nuclear stations and facilities all over the world, know precisely what they can do…and what they cannot do! A wrong press of a button… could be, the end-of-all-days for mankind! The Nuclear bomb can decimate the material-physical forms on earth…. Wrongly applied Sexual Power at the end, will also corrosively desecrate the soul and decimate the spirit. The soul and spirit in the human creature stand sublimely above all that is material and physical!

The simple way forward is to see to the deliberate and conscious protection of male youths and maidens at adolescence! This is where and when to prevent the moral poisoning, that leads to the negative appropriation of the Sexual Power! It will start from the home and family; the society; the state and the altruistic human community, wherever they could be found. With the protection and proper guidance (spiritual, not religious) of the adolescents, it will mark a beginning towards spiritually healthier human communities on earth.

Most importantly, the conscious role of a spiritually awakened Womanhood is key, in a fundamental sense, to the moral and spiritual renewal of all mankind! It falls more to the spiritual purview of the Woman, to see to the positive upbringing and guidance of adolescents, whose path at that crossroad-phase of their lives, could easily lead them to walk on slippery paths, given the degenerate society that is the reality on earth today.

SEXUAL POWER is not synonymous with sexual intercourse! The former has prime spiritual connotations, focus and direction; while the latter exists primarily for propagation and renewal of the physical body! However, an uncontrolled sexual instinct manifesting in reckless and mindless sexual intercourse, gravely undermines this key Power, which exists as the finest material-physical tool, for the moral foothold and spiritual consolidation of man on the earth-plane.

Sola Faboya

August 2018


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