I write this with every sense of alarm. I am alarmed because of the meaning and I am alarmed because of what it portends. I am alarmed because I know the indifference and complacency of Earthmen. Mostly I am alarmed because Earthmen are playing into the hands of Lucifer, and as a result, most will not adjust themselves to the Will of God as events and time demand now.

It is Lucifer’s deception that is the greatest and worst of the alarms. The deception in this case is that through the intellect Lucifer focused man’s attention on what they call Climate Change; whereas it is a lot more than that. It focused on what looks like symptoms while the disease is ignored. In so doing, men are not aware that death is crawling closer and closer and soon the net will close leaving no route to escape.

Lucifer is very adept at this deception. It was the same way he manipulated the Christians to take the wrong road. Up until now as I write, these Christians will dispute this statement and affirm that they are on the right road. It was just a small tweaking and the deception was accomplished. From then on, Lucifer stood aside in his malicious grin watching the human being of Subsequent Creation stew himself in his own fat!

When the Son of God Jesus, on the eve of His departure, spoke to His disciples who were overcome with grief by His pending departure, He made promises. These promises were to sustain the hope of mankind’s redemption by His Father and to offer immediate solace to the worried and tired souls of the disciples.

For the immediate consolation, refreshing and energising of their spirits; the Lord said:
“Tarry awhile in Jerusalem until ye be imbued with power from on High.” Luke 24:49.

* His departure through murder by Crucifixion took place close to the day of Pentecost. At Pentecost, special Power is released through the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit which sustains all that is created. Jesus, being One with the Father and the Holy Spirit, in the Trinity of One God; carries this knowledge and the precise time of the happening within.
* This is why the disciples received precise instructions to wait in Jerusalem until the hour of Pentecost was fulfilled and they had received the Power from the Holy Spirit.
* The reader should note that the received Power is from the Holy Spirit but not to receive the Holy Spirit. No one can have the Holy Spirit but one can partake of His Power.
* The promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit was for a different fulfillment. He was promised to come and conclude the Work started by Jesus but which was interrupted by ungrateful humanity through crucifixion. Hence Jesus said; “It is expedient for you that I go away; for if I go not away my Father will not send you a Comforter. The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” John 14:26.

* Here it is expressed clearly the difference between waiting to receive power from the Holy Ghost Who is on High and the coming of the same Holy Ghost on High at a future date to carry out the duties outlined in John 14:26. In other words, the immediate comfort was received in Jerusalem at the time of the Pentecost by His disciples. Everyone was to keep keen vigil for the coming of the Holy Ghost for the promise of eternal deliverance from Darkness which is the salvation from the jaws of eternal death.
* There is no way the difference can be ignored or mixed up by any clear thinking. It is this absence of clear thinking that led to the taking of the wrong road by all of Christianity and Christiandom to this day.
* The situation is so bad that even when the promise of the sending of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit was fulfilled, all of Christianity went to sleep like the Foolish Virgins! Matt. 25: 1-13.
* In place of vigilant waiting to realise the glorious promise which held salvation, all who call themselves Christians after Him, went to formulate doctrines for themselves and expected God and His two Sons to obey these doctrines. The typical case of the tail wagging the dog is even a poor and insufficient illustration of how ridiculous this behaviour is!
* I listen with pains in my heart to pastors and preachers mouthing words they do not understand their meanings or writing copious essays that ostensibly pass for wisdom; which in reality contribute to derailing the unwary listeners, who in their millions, placed trust in pastors. These have led their followers into the broad and smooth road that is now full of pains. Pains that mostly turn out to be everlasting! I shudder!
* As the Latins would have said, “ego testor horrendum spectaculum.” Translated means I witness horrible sights. These are those who placed their human wisdom above the Wisdom of God! Great are their pains. Groans and unceasing wailings deafening to the ears filled the torrid and filthy atmosphere, but no respite is forthcoming! They beseech for mercies but alas, there is none because the bells of Judgment have tolled!
* Poor souls, the salvation they thought they had achieved while on Earth was a clever deception of the intellect behind which wily Lucifer gloats!
* The fears grow into wild panics of desperation but no help is forthcoming because the Love of God is withdrawn!
* Such is a scene from the condemned! Better said, from the scene of those who condemned themselves because they buried the voices within through which they would have received guidance and help from the Light. The Light does not punish. It only calls the result for each soul. Such is the thoroughly sad and detestable end for these souls!

It is to avoid such an ending for those who can still be helped that I am writing this piece. All peoples are showing concerns for what they see as Climate Change. Men of great note, in politics, business, academia, and religions have called out loudly that the Earth is being abused to the detriment of all the inhabitants. Scientists have produced copious reports to the public, institutions, to governments and even at the United Nations pointing to Climate Changes. Even those who want to deny such changes have their voices getting weaker by the day because evidences are mounting up of the abuse of the Earth.

The Seas are polluted. Regularly, pictures are shown in the media of plastics clogging the oceans. All sea creatures are living in unclean environment and feeding on poisonous materials which are ultimately recycled to the humans of the earth. Land animals are not spared either. The air people breathe is terribly polluted and diseases of various types, and some not yet known, are part of the consequences.

Every day Nature sends various warnings as in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wild fires, heavy downpours of rain, excessive heat, great storms, typhoons and many more. Men notice all this. But they go into their records to find explanations. They compare with similar events in the past but all they come with is relative comparisons and finally; where the event is more than normal, they say it is a record.

At that everyone retires. But only a few allow themselves to be really worried. Even these few hardly lift their gaze upwards to God nor do they remember their scriptures concerning the events marking the End Time. The very very few who do; go to their religious leaders and seers who give self serving advise baffling the already confused!

Such is the state of affairs on Earth now as I write. All peoples witness large population displacements through wars or natural phenomena. Peoples are moving despite inclement weather conditions; some finding themselves watery graves in the Oceans and others, who are counted lucky, find inhumane squalid shelters. Yet others die of thirst and hunger in their match through inhospitable desert and become food for birds of the air.

Those who make it through the desert find uncertain future, which can make them victims of those who enslave them or who carve them up in the macabre trade in human organs!

The world moves on, only a whimp of a protest is heard, when an exposé is made by a privileged television journalist!! After the weak protest, everything returns to the status quo ante.

Today, part of Greece is burning, thousands of hectares and hundreds of homes are lost to an inferno in California, some parts of the same USA have airports closed due to storms, England is experiencing unusual Summer high temperatures, so also the rest of Europe and China. No country nor continent is spared.

The reader can go on and add more places and countries where a lot of natural catastrophes are going on as he reads this. It is everywhere and in all forms.

What is to be concluded from all this? The answer is the reason for my writing.

What the Earth is experiencing are not random occurrences in Nature. They are a part of a conscious design by God in His Divine Omniscience and Power. They mark the end of a wayward way of living outside the Will of God and the inception of an epoch where all survivors must live in accordance with the Will of God.

To achieve this New Epoch, everything that is wrong must be destroyed in the individuals and on Earth.

For this fulfillment, God permitted His Word to reach the Earthmen so that with the Word they can wash their garments clean. By garments are meant the various clothings that the spirit took on on its journey earthwards. This is a freewill choice the Earthman had to make. This is why prophets were sent and also the two Sons of God came to this Earth.

Jesus brought the Word more than 2000 years ago. Further, and in accordance with the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Brother, the Holy Ghost came and completed the Work He began. Every promise by God was thus fulfilled. It was up to the Earthmen to wash themselves clean in the Word!

But using the Word has a fixed time which is calibrated to the length of time the Earth itself is permitted to live fruitfully before it must disintegrate and dissolve to form a new Earth which after many billions of years will be a home for new human spirit seeds in quest of conscious existence in Creation.

The Phenomena driving the cycle of the Earth to its closure are embodied in the Great Comet which in its composition is the same as was in the Star of Bethlehem.

It is this Powerful Star or the Great Comet that is radiating to the Universe Ephesus and the planet Earth.

It brings weather catastrophes and the encycling rays cause the planet to quake, destroying all that is not in the Will of God and at the same time strengthening the good. Thus the sheep will be separated from the goats. An ancient promise is thus fulfilled.

New parts of the earth will rise from the depths of the Sea while tracts of Earth already overburdened with Sin will be enveloped by the Sea.

The overall Change is driven and sustained by the Son of Man Who must lead the humanity on Earth found worthy into the Millennium, the Promised Kingdom of God on Earth that will endure for a thousand years. It will also be called the Kingdom of Peace because only the Will of God will prevail.

On the 17th day of July 2018, a Cosmic Event took place. In obedience to the Law of Its Creator, the Earth changed its axis. It will now pursue a new trajectory that will lead ultimately to its renewal after it has dumped its waste.

On the 28th of July 2018; a subset of the Cosmic Event took place which men quickly called Eclipse. As usual, as soon as a name was found and the classification made, the subject was filed away and was called a record or unusual.
It is called Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon heralds the coming of the Son of Man. For this we bring into reference the passage from Joel 2:31; KJV Bible
“The Sun shall be turned into darkness and the Moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD (will) come.”

As an aside, the Book of Joel is part of the group of prophetic books known as the Twelve Minor Prophets. However, what he prophesied is very major and one of the most significant in the existence of PostCreation. It marks the end of the Old and the beginning of the New Epoch. This is the time we are now in!

That men do not know this, is the trajedy of mankind. There are many indications given in all scriptures: in the books of the forerunners, the prophets and by the Sons of God. Yet none pays attention. Even when all the signs are there, there is no one to relate or interpret correctly.
And even when it is done, as I am doing now; many will look for excuses to disregard what I have written. Some might even deride me. For many, the knowing-better of the intellect stands on their way.

It is really sad. I watch the television stations and the summary of news from nearly all countries on Earth and also peruse a lot of the information from the media, yet not one correctly interprets the signs; be it the high temperatures leading to massive fire outbreaks in many countries at the same time or in the floods that sweep homes and peoples away. We must not forget the earthquakes and the volcanic eruptions! The signs are everywhere but man has no understanding nor, I doubt, if he really wants to understand.

Let me leave these lamentable acts of negligence of men and return to what I am explaining, in the hope that the serious peoples on Earth can still be helped. I mean those who are aware that they are human spirits whose stay on Earth is drawing to a close. To these, I continue my narrative which can act as a compass pointing the way.

The Earth changed its axis on the 17th of July 2018. As a consequence, it is now on a different trajectory which will, inter alia, swing it upwards into faster orbits. In so doing it will throw off all the impurities that it has been abused with for many millennia. This is the Great Purification. This Great Purification will remove all evils and all evil doers. This means massive destruction of lives and properties as have been warned in all the scriptures given by God.

The FORCE for these great happenings is in the Son of Man. The Son of Man is the Justice of God, the eternal mediator between God and His Creations. He is the Alpha and the Omega; the First and the Last.

It is the pull of this FORCE that we are experiencing Its various ramifications. We are just at the beginning of these experiences. They will intensify and bring about modifications never experienced before, nor ever will be again, because the changes lead to a New World where the Old would have been forgotten by the survivors. Rev. 21:1 ” And I saw a new heaven and a new Earth..”

In the sequence of events, we are now at the point seen in Matt. 24:30
“And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven (clouds in the sky) and then shall all the nations mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” It should be noted that nations are mourning because they did not pay attention to the signs of the time!! How sad.

As already explained, the Great Comet which in essence, is the Star of Bethlehem, is the Sign of the Son of Man which will clear the Earth of the old before He announces Himself with power and great glory.

In other words, the Great Comet which is now bearing down on Earth is the harbinger of His coming. The high temperatures, the weather irregularities and the rumblings going on in the bowls of the Earth are the early ramifications. They are the first waves on the outer fringes in the circle of coming events.

Correctly interpreted, these signs which we consider painful now, are great warnings to men to turn away from evil. Embrace one another in love, while praying to God to help us all, out of the impending doom. Soon opportunities for prayers and supplications will be no more. Then shall happen the “great weeping and gnashing of teeth”! It will then be too late.

At present, while there is still a very little time, the purification is tempered and in phases. In America, parts of California are burning. In parts of the same country drought is affecting others. Hurricanes are bearing down. In Europe, weather catastrophes take their toll, same as in Asia, China and India. In Australia the droughts and high temperatures are taking their toll on men , animals and crops.

In Africa, conditions are not different. Very soon in my country, Nigeria, there will be the Great Rain which will cause great havoc in lives of people, animals and properties. It will rain 10 days non stop. At the end it will introduce traumatic changes affecting the Federal Capital.

It will be like in the days of Noah, ” bringing judgement on the world of the ungodly.”
2nd Peter 2:5

Such is the Justice of God that it is also mixed with the Love of God. It will leave profound effects but we will praise God for His work of Love. This Love guarantees existence. For the sake of continued existence all of Nigeria will not be affected at the same time. What I am writing is not to scare but to make people adjust by honest devout prayers of supplications. They should embrace only the good and the pure. Shift focus from material acquisitions for its sake. These you will leave behind on Earth. The Great Rain will bring these lessons home to the doubters. No man can hide himself and his deeds from the Almighty God, the All Knowing, the Omnipotent One.

Lord, I beseech Thee, help those who implore Thee for help to pass through the great event. Amen.

Senator Victor Kassim Isa Oyofo


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