Beat Ofori.

“The Nigerian Social Contract in Focus”

The social contract has been an issue on the front burner in Nigeria’s political history since  independence. This has culminated in series of agitations and political upheavals.

It is against this backdrop that the duo of Pastor Sam Aiyedogbon and Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy came together under the aegis of Trans Generational Revolution , a synergy that will sanitize the political atmosphere as it is today. According to Pastor Aiyedogbon, ‘’ The people are inherently docile. The essence of the Nigerian Social Contract is to make people accountable for their action.

Nigerians are becoming more tolerant of evil and consequently incapable of recognizing evil in what is apparently evil act. If you don’t see evil in what is evil , then you are evil’’. In the same vein Charles Oputa  stressed that there is urgent need to sensitize Nigerians, especially as election is around the corner. He said,

‘’If people want to rig election, you make it difficult for them. That is the essence of the Social Contract. Nigerians are arrogantly ignorant. Nigerians are layback. They need to be sensitized’’. The Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow 31st January, 2019 will be held at 18, Oduduwa way Ikeja GRA. Time; 10 A.M.

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