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‘Amalgamation The Root Of Problems’
The Social Contract as a theory and a doctrine in every society has been in the front burner since human civilization. In post independent Nigeria, the trust deficit and lack of political will to fulfill societal demands has been the bane of Nigeria’s chequered political journey. This has resulted in series of agitations and sometime political upheavals.

It is not commonplace to find a synergy between the clerical and the secular section of the society, in an unusual task to save the soul of a battered country.
The extra ordinary Townhall Meeting On The Nigeria Social Contract, the brain child of the duo of Pastor Sam Aiyedogbon and Charles Oputa a.k.a Chaly Boy.

Speaking at the venue [Mayor’s Diplomatic Suites , Oduduwa way, GRA, Ikeja], Pastor Sam Aiyedogbon highlighted the urgency of the meeting as the country is on the verge of a precipice. ‘’There is no doubt that our country is at a crossroad. How we react today will determine how events unfold. If we don’t react , we may not have tomorrow’’.
Pastor Aiyedogbon expressed dissatisfaction at the docile disposition of the Nigerian youths in particular and the generality of the oppressed masses towards how their affairs are been run by a non responsive government. He said, ‘’ Things must change for the better. However , this can not happen from wishful thinking, rather we can change things by mobilization based on informed action, the problem has gone beyond the church.

The period when we fast and pray are gone. This is the reason why some of us has decided to collaborate, regardless of our background. We are in an unusual time, that is why we, unusual people are coming together’’.
Pastor Aiyedogbon traced Nigeria’s problems to the criminal amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorates in 1914. He questioned,’’ Who were there to form these agreements of amalgamation? There was no decision or a consensus. There was no social contract whatsoever. Until this is done, we will continue to produce clueless leaders’’. He concluded.

In his remarks, co-convener, Charles Oputa, reminisced on his childhood and humble upbringing as the engine that drives his passion for the course of humanity, especially the emancipation of the youth. He said ,’’The struggle is a marathon and not a dash. We are fighting on two fronts. The struggle is for our future and those of the generation yet unborn. I downloaded the essence of life from my father. I will always stand by the poor and the downtrodden’’. Oputa characteristically derided the inept leadership as well as the bandwagon followership which he described in local parlance as ‘ follow follow’.

Eniola Bello, Managing Director, Thisday Newspaper also bemoans the state of the nation. ‘’Nigeria has had its worst time in the area of security. Eventhough Nigeria is blessed with the best condition that any society could have,you find that it is practically impossible to point to anything working fine’’.
Bello also harped on the inept leadership and docile followership. ‘’ The state is not up to its responsibility.

The leaders drives drive in state-of the –art cars on bad roads, the citizens provides everything they want including water and electricity’’. He emphasized that the people must liberate their minds from the’ Kabiyesi syndrom’ at any level of our society-church, mosque, workplace. ‘’Leaders live like emperors, yet we flow with them . One of our problems is the problem of followership. At the level we are going, change is slow and not sustainable. It may not be for us, but for our children’’.

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