A prophecy, almost three thousand years old, thus proclaimed… “Take counsel together and it shall come to naught, for, GOD is with us!’’To take counsel together, in the context of this old prophecy, will embrace all humanly contrieved wisdom and opinions; agreements; understandings; consensus; resolutions; compromises; deliberations etc. It can also be inferred logically, from the words of this prophecy, that the awareness that indeed… “GOD is (already) with us’’ will occur suddenly without any prior indication(s) or notice, such that, all human contrivances and vain contraptions from that solemn hour of visitation will, to the consternation of all mankind, turn out to be a crushing nullity and thus futile!

The humanly contrived concept and system of earthly governance, known as Democracy; will be seen in a different light; at that solemn hour, as truly and really, not holding within such spiritually-edifying values, as would justify how highly democracy has been extolled in contemporary world! It is not difficult to agree to the comparative appraisal that democracy would come across as about the most healthy of all the systems of earthly-governance devised by the human mind on earth! This is apparently true, because the concept seemingly espouses freedom, liberty, rule of law and equity among others, as its distinguishing features! A corresponding machinery-of-governance is thus conceptualized and fashioned to actualize and, as it were, consolidate these apparently beneficial and positive features of the democratic system of governance.
The noxious odium with the concept of democracy is the fact that, wittingly and unwittingly, the very Maker and Creator of human creatures, and Creation itself, has no relevance in the concept, having been disdainfully left out of prime reckoning, in the definition of this system of governance! A government of the people – pointing to the human creature as its sole author; run by the people – with their wisdom and vision in overt disdain of higher wisdom; and for the people – to serve purposes, intents, interests, objectives and goals solely defined by them. GOD does not come into any reckoning here, directly or indirectly! And this is why…. “GOD-is-with-us” will unavoidably be a sudden and incisive fulfillment that will confront and engage mankind, bringing home the reality of the nullity of All human devising, earthly knowledge and intellectual contrivances!

The presumptuous contempt, which is grossly profane, about the whole democratic concept and process is the putting – on of a press – button tag on GOD! How? If an electoral process is begun without recourse to Him, then He should have been left alone, because there has never been a revelation from on-high that He is complaining of having to be shut out of reckoning, with the way human creatures would like to govern themselves and run their own affairs! But, at swearing-in ceremonies of the democratically elected ones… what strangely concludes their oath-taking is … “so help me GOD!” And which GOD? The press-button god of their imagination; or, the Awesome GOD of All the worlds? A thoughtless and contemptuous affront it is, to bring His name in, in such situations and circumstances! It can NEVER be right! The pertinent question is how do you expect or receive “Help”, from someone that has been decidedly left out and cut off?

The perfection of GOD in His Creative Will, indeed fashioned Creation to serve His Will. The human creatures that were ordained to be the crown of His work, were not ordained to establish any order on earth, to the exclusion of the guidance and dictates of the higher All-seeing Wisdom! What should be remembered is that the human creature as it were,… woke-up-to-life in Creation, to recognize himself as a conscious living entity! And with his incarnation on earth, he met, without any previous participatory role, a richly-laid table by providential Nature! All that had sustained human life on earth in all respects, man met here! To that extent therefore, the human creature must know there would always be a limit to what he may want to establish by way of any order-to control and govern life, if he is not to go astray!

For example, mankind glorified itself in the seemingly stupendous achievements of science! It is only charitable to recognize the honest efforts of committed researchers in science over the last hundred years. However we all are beginning to see the inadequacies, unintended harm, problems and challenges that have come from scientific products on human life and Nature! They are all frightening. Human survival in being insidiously undermined as animal and bird-species are gradually going into extinction one after the other, because of environmental pollution. And it cannot be otherwise because science has been solely driven by intellectual knowledge and principles, to the exclusion of that guiding-input, from a higher spiritual-source! It is this willful deficit that has now turned into a whip, thrashing the bare back of all mankind! Nature has been frontally assaulted and the reciprocal reactions are now beginning to also frontally confront mankind, in a scenario that forebodingly indicates that mankind may be in its last days!

Governance and Leadership in Creation are both institutions of GOD’s Creative Will! Human creatures are not in any way the originators of these sacred and exalted institutions. Rightly understood, there is absolutely a set limit, to human input and overseeing-involvement, as far as these two institutions are concerned. The often referred to fall-of-man…came with a fateful spiritual-disconnect, that made for such gaps, in which the human creatures on earth did cut themselves off from the very source-of-life! Thereafter, man proceeded to fashion out his own ideas, seeking to establish such as authentic and valid. He will resist any contrary perception!

The ascension of biblical King Saul will always be an instructive example of the reality of man’s disconnect with the eternal source of Life in GOD! A group of ill-informed and misguided rabble-rousers, insolently approached the ageing Samuel to demand for a king and ruler… outside the pre-ordained hour, which the Omniscience of the Maker and Ruler of Creation, will dictate! The rabble-rousers driven by the fire-of-consensus, mounted pressure and got what they wanted! They forgot however that the starting-point of initiating a process for such a dispensation lies exclusively and absolutely in the Sovereignty and Dominion of GOD Almighty! It is a holy and inviolable Law! The rest is history as to how Saul fared and how the trajectory of his life went!

Governance and the attending machinery of governance on earth, in accordance with the Law of the Creative Will, must be geared and tailored to key into the divinely defined purpose-of-human-existence, on earth. And this purpose is essentially and pointedly spiritual. The protagonists and canvassers of democracy (its concept and processes) do not know this purpose, which predates human existence on earth in the first place. The only direction and goal that they know is-to secure, possess and exercise earthly power, for its sake! No conscious looking-upwards to the seat of Holy wisdom, from where a never-failing guidance can come from!

Democracy in its concept and processes do not know and acknowledge (except at swearing-in oath taking ceremony), GOD; and His Will is NOT factored into its processes and practices. Therefore, there would thereby exist concomitantly, a grave disconnect… with the very purpose of human existence on earth. With this deficit, spiritual guidance cannot effectively reach those who now emerge as leaders of the people on earth! Democracy being a game of numbers… where the majority caries the vote, it will then irreversibly happen that a people will always show-up their own kind as leader, who invariably may not be any more seeing nor more knowing, than those he is now mandated to lead! And where would this lead? The precipice of course… the blind alley of social and political instability, moral depravity and spiritual retrogression. The world obviously, would not be the better for it! A leader chosen with human yardstick and wisdom, would turn out to be a leader chosen with human sentiments and prejudices, and with a sense of judgment which most times would be lacking in true knowledge, objectivity and depth!

In conclusion, it must be declared that once it is known that the primary purpose of human existence on earth is to mature spiritually… in the true recognition of GOD, then it would be abundantly clear that…governance and its attendant machinery must be geared towards facilitating the divinely-conceived needs of human creatures to be met and NOT their wants…! And who can have a deeper understanding of what the true needs of man are? He can be no other than his Creator! And it is Him alone that can grant the knowledge of these needs (not wants) to those who want to serve Him in this regard! Such then become His accredited Servants! The tragedy of human history is that, all these accredited servants of His… as prophets, sages, leaders, have all been at the receiving end of man’s hatred, opposition, malice and persecution! This must again be food-for-thought! Each one of us should ask himself, why this should be the trend in human history!

Democracy will certainly fail mankind, because the new Order of the New Age, will have to be structured to meet the (spiritual) needs of human creatures on earth as different from their (earthly) wants! Democracy is tied to the wants of man, who is its creator. It cannot to that extent be a purveyor of spiritual and eternal values. It will have to give way when what age-long prophecy is to be fulfilled… “Take counsel together and it shall come to naught, for GOD-is-with us!” This fulfillment is incredibly close at hand!

Sola Faboya
January 2019

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