By Best Ofori
There is no gainsaying that the value system in Nigeria has taken a turn for the worse over the years. This condition has been further exacerbated by the greed and avarice that has characterized successive administrations.
Speaking in an Extraordinary Townhall Meeting on the Nigeria Social Contract, organized by Our Mumu Don Do Movement[OMDD] and Catalyst For Global Peace and Justice Initiative[CPJ], recently, Amanda Okoye of the London bureau of ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ expressed dismay that Nigeria , blessed with every natural resources could not be compared with the United Kingdom in all facet of development. She said, ‘’It is rather sad that, though Nigeria is blessed with all the natural resources that nature could endow any society with, yet the majority of the people wallow in poverty’’.
She attributed the sorry state of the nation’s economy to bad leaders who would rather espouse policies that are in line with their selfish agenda, than those that will do the masses good. She said , ‘’There is need to bequeath good legacy tour children. Legacy is better than wealth’’.
The mother of three relieved her student days in the UK. ‘’We were paid three thousand dollars just to stay in school, I just can’t reconcile that with the plight of the Nigerian student ‘’.

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