This is the season of winning and loosing. Not many have the capacity to loose without being emotionally injured, especially when investment in money, time, ego and emotions have been made.

Loss emotion can be very devastating and could leave scars on the emotional bodies of the individual which can manifest physical health challenges in the future such as deep aches and pains, auto-immune challenges and Cancer.

It is therefore very important that those who have incurred any loss during and after this election, should try and let go of their loss emotions. Where this becomes a big challenge, Energy Therapy will be of great help.

At our Emotional Trauma Resolution Clinic, Lagos we deploy the healing benefits of Energy Therapy to help in clearing difficult emotional traumas. The process is drugless, easy, and highly effective.

Don’t give loss trauma room to destroy you. Take advantage of Energy Therapy to secure freedom and live a joyful and happy life going forward.

Dr Iwowarri Berian James
Certified Energy Health Practitioner.
+2348037227334, ibjames56@yahoo.com

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