By Best Ofori.
Against the backdrop of hatred and violence that reared its ugly head in the wake of the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections, some community leaders in Lagos have decried the conflicts that ensued in some flashpoint areas of Lagos.
Speaking on Daily Report, on Star FM 101.5, Rasaq Olokooba, is of the view that the conflicts were elicited by politicians who seek refuge in ethnic support. He stated that Lagos is a multi ethnic society that must be administered as such, where the variegated interests should be respected.
What makes Lagos survive and thrive is the multi ethnic make-up of the city. “Lagos is a peculiar place, a home for everyone. There is a registered character when you are in Lagos.” He said. Another community leader, Ceracus Dike, lambasted the press, who often report events from ethno-religious perspective. According to Dike, “When something happens, it’s wrong to report the event with ethnic sentiment. In any particular settlement in Lagos, there are more than twenty different ethnic nationalities. So it is not just Igbo and Yoruba”.
Speaking in the samevein, Felix Orakwe, advised the youths, who are always at the epicentre of the conflicts to have a change of attitude and not to pitch their interests on the selfish drive of an individual.

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