Need for urban renewal.
By Best Ofori.
Following the series of building collapse in Lagos and other cities across the country, with the latest event of a two-storey edifice which collapsed midday, Monday 25, at Kakawa Street, Central Lagos, experts have called on the state and federal government to embark on urban renewal scheme in conurbation and densely populated areas. According to a seasoned Town Planner, Emeka Nwosu, urban renewal will be a long term solution to curbbing the menace of building collapse, especially in cities.
“The entire Lagos Island is sitting on top of Water, just like some cities like Osaka in Japan, and countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. What those countries did was to ensure that facilities such as portable water and electricity are given. This will forestall the drilling of boreholes and wells in every corner of the structures. These practice weakens the structures and with time they cave in”.
Speaking on Daily Report, a flagship programme on Star FM 101.5 , Nwosu affirmed that even those who live in highbrow areas like Lekki and Ajah are equally vulnerable.
“Those who live in Lekki area of Lagos, live in glorified slum, because they rushed there to start erecting buildings without proper planning.
There is need for urban renewal that will give way to proper drainage system, “Some of the houses are now abandoned. Any building on the waterways must go down. There is need to go the hard way. The rains this year may be heavy. The earlier, the better”. He concluded.

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