By Best Ofori.
At a recent forum, the first lady, Aisha Buhari, said those who are expecting key positions in government must be card carrying members of the party, APC.
This assertion has been criticised in a number of fora. In the words of Fred Nzeakor, a legal practitioner and public affairs analyst, it is possible to appoint those who are not members of the ruling party to key positions. This, according to him, will engender development. So long as such appointment is based on merits, integrity and skills.
“The winner takes all syndrome is not good for our development. If you want to be accommodated into the ruling party, they think they are doing you a favour. That is why our electioneering is characterised by thuggery,killings and squanders in a desperate bid to grab power. If you win, you take everything. The opposition is left in the lurch and sometimes taunted and even punished. If you lose, you are endangered. That may mark the end of your political career and indeed your finances”.
Speaking on Daily Report, a flagship programme on Star FM 101.5, Fred, who just returned from his foray into the political waters in his home state of Anambra, also took a swipe at the brazen misconduct of the electoral umpires, INEC.
According to him, ” INEC officials will tell you, we are not here to conduct a free and fair elections. They see the period as a season of bumper harvest. And this is not good for our democracy and our development”.

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