Motorists have been advised to use the road responsibly as the Valentine’s Day celebration draws near and people are likely to throw caution into the wind out of excitement.

Mr. O. J Okafor, a Deputy Route Commander with the Lagos Sector Command of the Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigeria, FRSC, spoke on a radio programme, ‘OGA DRIVER’ on STAR 101.5 FM. Lagos, drawing attention to Lane Indiscipline, which most motorists are ignorant of. He advised motorists to use the road safely and pointed out few of the unwholesome behavior of motorists on Valentine’s Day, that affect the safety of road users such as drinking and driving, receiving and making calls while driving, stopping carelessly on the road while asking for directions etc.

In addition, he explained that one must love himself or herself before loving others, while using the road as the saying goes, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. He also urged Nigerians not to show love just once in a year but everyday to everyone especially the unloved and not some selected people as against the general belief.

He also emphasized the importance of filling in the passenger’s manifest when boarding a bus or car moving from a state to another as it is an essential aid in the case of an emergency. He encouraged passengers not to disregard its importance or feel insecure about the information provided, as the information given is handled discreetly.

‘OGA DRIVER’ is sponsored by Great Nigeria Insurance Plc.



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