Movement For Fundamental Change, a body of several Civil Society Organisations, prides itself as an association of credible professionals, who do critical assessments of national issues and proffer solutions for the betterment of the nation. The M.F.C., made its position known on the Covid 19 pandemic and Nigeria’s response with a Press Statement, made available by its Head, Policy Positions.


COVID 19 is caused by a weak Chinese virus of evidently unnatural origin.

WHO declared COVID 19 an international ‘Public Health Emergency’ in Jan., 2020, but the Gen. Buhari regime, in its confirmed incompetence did not plan and did not try to prevent the importation of COVID 19 into Nigeria. So, it was imported into Nigeria on 27th Feb., 2020. With the index case, isolation, contact tracing and mobilization for a national response could have limited the spread (a stitch in time, saves nine).

Gen. Buhari’s futuristic pledge on 27th April (two months after the index case) to develop strategies and policies is a confession of planlessness and incompetence. Strategies and policies should have been developed before the index case. A simple ‘Pandemic Management System’ could have limited the spread of COVID 19 very effectively.

All thanks to God the Creator, the Omnipotent, “COVID 19 is not a death sentence”. The virus is very weak and dies in a few minutes if exposed to sunlight. Only old persons and those with pre-existing health problems need to fear COVID 19. Many persons get infected with COVID 19 and recover without any symptoms.

COVID 19 infection can be easily prevented if we maintain physical distance, use masks in public, wash our hands frequently, do not touch faces, use hand sanitizers, then sneeze or cough into a tissue and dispose properly.

COVID 19 has been easily treated by many people across the world using home remedies. Mortality rate is only 0.6% in Ghana. Madagascar has not recorded any death

Ghana, Senegal and Madagascar have very good performance against COVID 19. Nigeria can easily match their performance if we establish a healthy indigenous remedy. This can very easily be achieved as we have several credible local claims that can be investigated and approved. These claims include Pax Herbal’s CVD Plus, HRM Ooni of Ife’s remedies, Prof. Maurice Iwu’s product and Pharmacist Ben Amodu’s drug. All that is required is for NAFDAC to confirm the Safety of their remedies and NCDC to test their effectiveness with volunteer COVID 19 patients. A successful product from Nigeria will establish another source of foreign exchange in this period of low crude oil prices.

In line with Nigeria’s foreign policy focus, we must support Madagascar to obtain African and global acceptance for its established effective remedy.

Chief [Engr.] Martin Onovo, MNSE, FInstTA.

Head, Policy Positions, Movement for Fundamental Change.

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